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My name is Uliana. I was born in St. Petersburg, Russia and I have spent my first 22 years in this beautiful city. I was quite happy with my life and I was doing just fine, but it was somehow not enough. I always wanted to go abroad and see the world, I wanted to meet new people, learn exciting things and challenge myself with new horizons. After some years of visualizing my dream I came up with a plan in 2008 – I decided to go to Germany to study computer science!

I must say that was a brave idea. By that time, I have graduated from St. Petersburg State University and majored in Oriental Studies. I was learning languages and history. I have never even had a subject called “computer science” at school! Programming language? What’s that? But as I said, I wanted a challenge and I got it. Now I am holding a M.Sc. degree in Information Systems from TU Munich and I can’t be more proud and happy for what I have accomplished in these years.

During my time in Germany I was very lucky to participate in many international projects. I always kept my eyes open for new opportunities and I grabbed as many as I could. I was a volunteer at the Universiade in Belgrade, I went to New York to participate in National Model United Nations, I spent 1 year in Valencia as an Erasmus exchange student, went for a 2 months internship to Istanbul with IAESTE program, did study projects in Paris and Tel Aviv and traveled on any occasion possible. I made a lot of new friends, gathered the most valuable experiences and no matter how hard it was sometimes (oh yes, that was not that easy at all!) I always knew I was living my life the way I wanted. And this is something that brings you peace and happiness even on the grayest day.

Now I am done with my studies and I have started a full time job here in Munich. My adventure spirit has only got stronger and I keep on finding new projects – in 2016 that was volunteering for the Olympic Games in Rio! I am looking forward to many more amazing things to come and I am planning on sharing them here: for me as a sweet memory for you as an interesting read (at least so I hope)).

Besides travelling, I love sport and healthy lifestyle. It is a bit too trendy and annoying right now, but hey… I’ve been in this trend since my mom has brought me to the gym at the age of 4! So it is not a seasonal hype for me, it is something I truly love. Languages is another passion. I speak 6 fluently. How? I will tell you someday ) Friends, flamenco, yoga, world events, career and self-development – just some other topics I’d love to talk about. I will see how it goes with this blog, I have to admit I don’t have a clear concept for it yet. I just plan on having fun and I hope you will do too! And if you have any questions or comments, just drop me a line.


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  1. Hi, I enjoy when read your posts specially about volunteering, I like volunteering and participated in many international sport events , I applied for univesties championship2019, which will take place in Russia next March , I look forward to exchanging messages


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