A week in Salta & Jujuy, Argentina

In October 2018 I went to Buenos Aires to volunteer for two weeks at the Youth Olympic Games. After the Games I decided to spend two more weeks traveling around Argentina and I had to make a tough choice which part of the eighth-largest country in the world I should see. Many foreigners who come to Argentina do so for its world known Patagonia region. It was high on my priority list as well, but as I researched online I came to realize that October was not exactly the right season for going there. I continued scrolling through the internet and found some articles about the north of Argentina – the provinces of Salta and Jujuy. I read a lot of amazing reviews many of which said it was even better than Patagonia! Guess what, October (spring for that part of the world) was exactly the right month to enjoy it: warm and sunny, but not too hot. Without giving it too much thought we decided to discover Salta and Jujuy and get to know the northern part of Argentina.

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