Discovering Taipei

Taiwan was my first ever south east Asian country, I have never been to this region before and I was really looking forward to discovering it. Everything was new to me, especially the food and the humid weather (both were killing me xD). The culture as well was very different from what I was used to (Europe, Middle East and Latin America), both in terms of “sightseeing list” and in terms of local lifestyle. Sometimes I had my difficulties adjusting to this new world, but overall I looooved the experience, because it was really unique and special for me. I remember recording long voice messages to my friends telling them about all the new things I was encountering every day. I just had so much urge to share my Taipei adventure and I could not keep it to myself. Continue reading “Discovering Taipei”

Volunteering at the Universiade in Taipei

This August I have spent 2,5 weeks in Taiwan volunteering at the Universiade Taipei 2017. Universiade is a multi-sport event like Olympic Games but, as you might have guessed, organized for university students only. The level of competition is pretty high and they say that the winners of Universiade have around 35% chance of becoming Olympic gold medalists. There were around 150 delegations from all over the world and it was the biggest event of this kind for Taiwan. I have to confess that I really did not know much about Taiwan itself before going there and my only motivation was to take part in the games. I already had experience with the Universiade in Belgrade in 2009 (wow, so long ago) and it was amazing! So I was hoping Taiwan would be fun as well… It turned out I was absolutely right =)

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