What to wear in Morocco as a female?

If you are planning to go to Morocco, you probably know that it is a Muslim country and there are certain rules for how women and men should dress. Though no one expects you to be dressed as a local Moroccan person, there are still some guidelines you should follow in order to respect the local culture and reduce unwanted attention. If you come prepared and think about your outfits in advance you will feel much more comfortable walking around in the streets and will have overall a much better experience. So put some thought into it and select your outfits for Morocco carefully!

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3 days in Marrakesh

This October I went to Marrakesh for 3,5 days. It was a long-awaited journey and I was so happy to be finally able to discover this famous city for myself! I have seen a ton of stunning pictures on the internet and was very eager to experience this beauty, but I have also heard and read a lot of negative comments about the country. So I was a bit of cautious in my expectations and tried not to get overly excited.

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