What to wear in Morocco as a female?

If you are planning to go to Morocco, you probably know that it is a Muslim country and there are certain rules for how women and men should dress. Though no one expects you to be dressed as a local Moroccan person, there are still some guidelines you should follow in order to respect the local culture and reduce unwanted attention. If you come prepared and think about your outfits in advance you will feel much more comfortable walking around in the streets and will have overall a much better experience. So put some thought into it and select your outfits for Morocco carefully!

The general guidance for a female traveler is to wear loose clothes without revealing too much of your body parts. And here are some concrete suggestions coming from my experience of travelling to Morocco and some other Muslim countries (Turkey, Tunisia and Iran):

  • Cover your shoulders.
    Choose t-shirts instead of tops with slim straps. Elbow long sleeves even better.
  • Wear knee long dresses and skirts.
    You can also obviously wear a maxi skirt. But do not go for short skirts and shorts!
  • If you wear pants, then try to cover your rear with a tunic or a cardigan/shirt on top.
  • Have a scarf with you to cover additionally your shoulders and décolleté and to protect you from the sun.

Does it sound boring? It does not have to be so! If you add some colors and think through the outfit ideas in advance, you will get the perfect Moroccan (tourist) look 🙂 You will be able to walk around comfortably and have great pictures as well.

Here are the 3 outfits I wore during my 3 days in Marrakesh.

Loose knee long orange dress. Made of 100% cotton it is very airy and comfortable, I loved it during the hot days! As you can see it is not completely Moroccan dress code conform as it has one shoulder off. But I was always wearing a scarf on top when walking around the streets to cover the shoulders and to protect me from the sun, so it worked out quite well.

Loose pants with a dress on top. I have bought this dress in Iran while travelling the country in 2014 and decided to wear it again in Morocco. This is a rather “conservative” tourist outfit but would be perfect when visiting less touristy places of Morocco.

Moroccan riad

Loose pants with a t-shirt and an unbuttoned shirt on top to cover the rear. Very easy and comfortable!

Jardin Majorelle

As you can see your outfits don’t have to be too boring and conservative, you can play with colors and you can have some accessories as earrings or bracelets as well. You will definitely still look like a tourist and no one from the local people would be wearing such bright outfits but it will be a good middle ground I believe: decent length and coverage + fun colors.

What do you think about these outfits? Would you wear them in Morocco? 😉

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