Our wedding day

This summer in the end of July 2021 we celebrated our wedding in Munich. After all the doubts and uncertainties due to the pandemic, going back and forth with our decisions for months, we came to the conclusion that there was no point in waiting for this corona crisis to go away. We had to make a decision. We did not know if celebrations would be allowed, how many people would be able to attend, what the restrictions would be like, nothing was clear. But after giving it many thoughts we knew that the conditions would not improve any time soon. So we decided not to postpone our wedding and celebrate it this summer no matter what.

In the end of March we applied to get a date for our civil ceremony at the registry office. Lucky us we got the date that we wanted and the beautiful registry office in the Mandlstrasse that we requested. (There are several offices in Munich and the one in the Mandlstrasse is located next to my favorite English Garden in the beautiful Schwabing district). We decided to split our wedding into 2 days: on Thursday we had our civil ceremony with a few close friends and on Saturday we had the reception and the party at a restaurant with a larger audience.

My day on Thursday started at 5.30 am. I woke up with just 3-4 hours of sleep, took a quick shower and had my make-up artist coming at 6 am. I was not nervous about Thursday at all. It was just a civil ceremony, nothing really to prepare from our side. But I could not fall asleep the night before because of all the stressing tasks for Saturday. There was still so much to prepare for the “big” party that my mind was going crazy. But Thursday… I just have to get my make up done, get dressed, show up at the registry office and say “I do”. Easy.

After 2,5 hours my make-up and hair were done and I still had like an hour before we needed to leave the house. I actually never knew that bridal hair & make-up would take 2-3 hours! Insane, right?! I kept my dress away from Pasha before the wedding and wanted to do the “first look”. Our civil ceremony was scheduled at 11:15 and we agreed to meet our photographer at around 10:15 for a short photo session in the English Garden. A friend of ours with a car came to our house to bring us to the registry office. We put Pasha on the front seat and I was on the back, so that he could not see my dress.

The first look was not thaaat special and emotional for us, I would say. At least nobody cried =) It was a bit weird and awkward to pose as a couple and to follow the instructions from the photographer. It didn’t feel natural, but I guess it never does on camera. The photos, however, turned out really great and I loved them! I love the English Garden as a backdrop and I love that juicy vibrant greenery everywhere. There is just so much life and so much summer in it. And we look so young and beautiful. =)

At some point during the photo session I asked what the time was, and it was already 11! I am like “We are getting late! We need to go back to the registry office NOW!”. Our photographer was unimpressed by that, he did not really care about the time and was telling us that it was fine to be late. Well. Not for me. We went back to the registry office and saw many of our friends already there waiting for us. We greeted our friends and family and were so happy to see everyone.

With my mom.

Finally, the people at the registry office called us in and our little crowd moved into the ceremony room. We all had to wear masks (I handed out colorful masks to my friends as I wanted us to look a bit more cheerful). The ceremony itself lasted 15 minutes and to be honest I don’t remember that much what was said there. We signed the papers and we were allowed to take off our masks for the kiss.

After the ceremony we stayed outside in front of the registry building for around an hour, drank champagne and took a lot of pictures.

Then we went to a café nearby and had lunch altogether. We were not planning to stay for too long during the lunch, because we had to go to the mountains for a photo shooting. But we stayed till 3 and were at home at around 4. Super tired and exhausted already. At that point I thought that wedding photo shooting in the mountains on that day was not exactly a great idea, but there was no way back. We relaxed for an hour at home, packed our belongings for one night at the hotel in the mountains and then went to Spitzingsee. We arrived one hour later than planned and our photographer told us that we missed the ideal lighting conditions for the photo shooting. The sun was about to sit down in 10 minutes and we basically ruined it. I was super exhausted anyway and after his words my motivation for that photo shooting was close to zero.

We were riding in the car upwards and stopping at many different locations on the way for the pictures. To be honest during the photo shooting I lost my hope that the photos would be any good, but when I got them later I was super surprised how beautiful they turned out.

Aren’t they stunning?

The pictures turned out really wonderful in the end, but I can’t get rid of the feeling that the photo shooting itself was not so much fun. If you ask me in this particular case of wedding pictures I would take the great result over the process any time, but I still wish I had had a more pleasant time with our photographer.

At around 9 in the evening we finished with the photos and went to our hotel. At the reception they asked us for the covid tests which we did not have. Uff! But we had some self-tests with us and luckily we were allowed to do them at the reception and show the results. It was almost 10 pm and we needed to order a dinner otherwise the kitchen would close. I ran to the restaurant in my wedding dress and quickly ordered something so that we don’t starve. It was such a surreal feeling me running through the hotel corridors in my wedding dress like a Cinderella and everyone was telling me “Congratulations! Congratulations!”. We had our dinner and a bottle of wine just the two of us. Super exhausted after such a long and intensive day. I even cried a bit. Just because I was so so so tired. You know when the tears just run down your cheeks without any particular reason, just because you are both emotionally and physically absolutely drained. We finished the dinner, went to the hotel room, I took out dozens of hairpins from my hair and just fell asleep immediately. We are legally married, yei! But I can’t even process this thought, because all the processing power is gone for today =)

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