3 weeks and a half

The time flies so fast and I can’t keep up with the speed. The intention of this blog was to write about my life in Istanbul, but the life was so intense that I didn’t actually have time to tell you about it. Occasionally I would write something on the way in public transport typing with one hand on my smartphone. This works best when you want to complain about something. Because when this feeling of something going wrong overwhelmes you and you have to speak it out, you don’t care about shaking bus, dozens of people around you and really uncomfortable conditions for writing even an sms let alone a whole blog entry 🙂 But when I want to tell you about my cool weekends and nice evening infront of Maiden Tower I would love to add some pictures to the post and take my time to write nicely about it. For this I need to sit at home at my laptop and invest an hour or two for that… But I never have this free hour! And it’s actually really good .. cause it means that I have much better things to do =)

Anyway I promise to myself to write about the last 2 weekends … I hope I can do it soon till I forget where I have actually been and what I have done there.

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