Iguazu, Brazil and Argentina

The truth is, I don’t really know what to tell you about Iguazu … It just has to be seen and then all the words in the world are powerless. Unfortunately, my amateur photos will not make it justice either. But I will try! Iguazu falls are located on the border between Argentina and Brazil on the river with the same name. These falls consist of many waterfalls of different height (60 to 82 meters) and you can enjoy them over the length of 2,7 km. You can (and should) visit both sides to have a whole impression of the grandeur of  this place and to decide which one you prefer better. They say Argentina owns the waterfalls, because 80% of them lie on its territory, but Brazil owns the view! For me the most spectacular side was the Brazilian one, I was fascinated and left breathless… a true wonder of nature!

We came to Iguazu by plane from Brasilia, it can be easily reached as well from Sao Paulo, Rio or Buenos Aires (if you fly to Argentinian side). In the airport we have found an office of a tourist company and arranged all our tours with them. I don’t think that taking a tour company in the airport was a smart decision, but my travel mates wanted to do so and it was ok. The advantage was that we have arranged all the tours at once: visiting the bird park (right from the airport as it was just 10 minutes drive), tour to Argentina on the next day, tour of the Brazilian side on the day after and a ride back to the airport. Additionally we could leave our baggage in their car on the first and last days, which spared us the necessity to go to hotel and back. We have obviously overpaid, but it was convenient and made our travelling easier.

On the first day we have visited the bird park, that was heavily recommended by many travelers on the internet. It was nice and I liked it, but for me personally it was not wow. I mean, birds were fun but that’s it. Maybe I have just expected too much after so many positive reviews. After that we were brought to our hotel and we went for a dinner to a “churrascaria” – an “all you can eat” type of restaurant where they serve a lot of meat coming from different parts of animals. Apparently, these restaurants are very famous in Brazil and while being here everyone has to try it once. The food was good, but we could not eat that much … You really have to be well trained to be able to eat it all for the money you’ve paid. So get prepared  😉

On the next day in the morning we were picked up by our guide and together with around 10 more people we departed to Argentina! Yeii! On the way they have brought us to a shop to get Argentinian pesos as the park in Argentina does not accept credit cards and any other currency. Hello 21st century! Besides that we have bought some rain coats that proved to be very useful later  =) We walked around with our tour guide along different trails and visited the famous Devil’s throat – a long and narrow chasm where approximately half of the river’s flow falls. Insanely impressive! Obviously, you can’t see it on this picture but it is huge and powerful… tons of water falling down!

Devil’s throat


We were hesitating a bit but in the end decided to do one more tourist attraction – riding on a boat under the waterfalls. That was the moment when we really needed our raincoats! Those who didn’t have them were completely, not 100% but 200% wet! That was a short but crazy ride with a lot of shouting aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhh! But fun-fun-fun 🙂 Apart from boat ride we have booked as well a jungle ride. That was a big mistake, such a rip off! You go an a big truck through the jungle for 30 minutes and a guide shows pictures of animals and trees that can be found here (seriously?! printed pictures?!) Total nonsense in my opinion.

During out trip we have met young German and French couples and agreed to go for dinner together. We went again to another “churrascaria” and here we had the tastiest dish ever – grilled pineapples! That was sooo delicious, sooo yummy! The rest of the food was good as well, but those pineapples, omg,  I can’t forget them. After that we went to a small bar and had some cocktails – great ending of a beautiful day =)

The next day we woke up early and were picked up by our tour guide and brought to the Brazilian waterfalls. Everything that we saw yesterday in Argentina from the side and the top was now right in front of us in all its beauty. It takes around 1,5 hour to walk along this panorama depending on how many pictures you take. We surely needed more time, but it was just impossible to stop taking pictures! And the best part was the rainbow, can it be any better?!





After the waterfalls we were taken by our guide to the airport and said goodbye to this beautiful region. We have spent here 2 nights, 1 complete day for Argentina and a half day for Brazil – that was just right in terms of time. These were my first waterfalls and I am really looking forward to see more around the globe 😉

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