A week in paradise on Sardinia

This year I have finally realized that hopping around continents and visiting a huge amount of cities and places in 3 weeks was not the only type of vacation I needed. I actually have been suspecting it for quite a while and now I came to the point to try it. The same place for one week. No sightseeing list, no to-do list, no Instagram photos – just the beach, the sea, beautiful nature around and time for myself. Maybe I am simply getting old, who knows =) But my week on Sardinia was wonderful like a dream … For the first time in many-many years of my active travels I came home feeling rested. Truly relaxed, energized and recharged.

It is a long and a bit sad story to tell you how I ended up on Sardinia, but it is a story full of hope as well. I don’t want to go into much details, I will just say that I came to visit a friend. This friend and her husband have opened an agriturismo (a farm stay “hotel”) 2 years ago. It looked beautiful on the pictures, but the reality was even much better! It is located in the middle of Sardinia on the east coast close to Tortoli and Arbatax. It does not have a direct access to the sea (which I actually find great) but it is only 5 minutes drive to the beach spiaggia di Cea.

The location is very beautiful, hills and valleys as far as the eye can see.


Every day I was having a self prepared delicious breakfast on the terrace overlooking the idyllic scenery. I was having my breakfast for at least an hour, because I could not get enough of this view and the feel of sunny rays shining over the green grass.


After breakfast Mariana and Sandro were bringing me to the beach (as I had no car) and I was staying there for 4-6 hours. I was literally doing nothing, lying on the sand, reading, sleeping and doing occasional swims. The water was not cold, but refreshing. Sometimes there were waves and wind, sometimes the sea was calm and clear. The best thing of coming in the very end of September was the total absence of tourists! There were occasional people on the beach, but it felt very empty. No crowds, no noise, just the sound of the waves rolling back and forth… There were moments while sitting and looking at the water, when I had no thoughts. Time would pass and suddenly I would realize that I have not been thinking about anything. In my everyday life I can never make my mind shut down, there are always ideas, thoughts, fears, questions that keep rushing through my head and I can never get a moment of stillness. But here I had it – a completely calm mind.

Sardinia Beach CeaWP_20171002_010

In the evening they picked me up from the beach, I took a shower, laid down (yes, again)) and then around 9 we had our dinner. Sometimes all 3 of us when I could practice my Italian and sometimes just me and Mariana talking about the most important and the most simple things in the world.

My heart on this farm was given to the dogs! There are 2 of them, both found on the street and adopted by Mariana and Sandro. These are “the happiest dogs on earth”, seriously, they are so full of joy and light! They have so much freedom and so much love, they are kind and smart, and know how to behave well. Every day I was playing with them and dreaming about the day when I can have my own dog. I hope it will be as kind and as intelligent as Mr. Weasley and Milka.


Once I went to another beach lido di Orri (there are many beaches around that can be easily reached by car). After spending there couple of hours I decided to walk back home along the coast. I was so upset by all the garbage left on the sides of the road. I talked to Mariana and she said those were the tourists who did that. I don´t understand how can someone just throw a can or milk package out of the window of their car? I want to punch these people in the face. 😦

Nevertheless the road twisted and brought me to some breathtaking panoramic views.


And later on I encountered a heard of sheeps!


The farm is located just few meters away from some thousands years old tower. There is not much left of it after all these years, mostly just stones, but the atmosphere there is very special and the view is simply magnificent.


I loved my days on the island so much! And the place I stayed at was perfect for me. It is still under construction, the houses are built and ready, but the outside territory still needs a lot of work. Mariana and Sandro have very inspiring plans: there will be a garden of olive trees, there will be more home grown vegetables and fruits (they already have some like tomatoes, zucchini, different herbs and watermelons), there will be more beautiful areas to sit down/relax/read a book and hopefully there will be a yoga terrace! I will definitely come there for yoga retreat =) It is not a place for everyone though. If you are looking for parties, a lot of loud and active socializing or if you have active kids running around and playing hide and seek, then you might consider another place for your holiday time. But if you need some quiet, peaceful and remote shelter for coming back to your senses and recharging your body and soul, then it is a great choice.


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