Moments to remember: 2019

It’s April (!) and I have to hurry up with this post, otherwise it will be the time for the 2020 reflections already! 2019 was very exciting and full of new beginnings. The biggest event of the year was starting my new job, but I had some other highlights on the way as well: trying skiing and surfing for the first time, showing my home town St. Petersburg to Pasha, swimming in the Eisbach river, hiking in Norway, traveling with my dear friends to Marseille and some other fun stuff. But let’s start from the first days of the year.

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Moments to remember: 2018

I was planning to be done with this post by January, but as it often happens with this blog I did not find time for writing and editing. I hope that the mid of February is still not too late to look back at the previous year and to remember all the good things that happened!

It all started in a beautiful country namely Cuba. I welcomed 2018 on the rooftop with a gorgeous view on the old city of Havana in a company of some amazing people. It was a wonderful trip and a great start of the year!

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