Moments to remember: 2018

I was planning to be done with this post by January, but as it often happens with this blog I did not find time for writing and editing. I hope that the mid of February is still not too late to look back at the previous year and to remember all the good things that happened!

It all started in a beautiful country namely Cuba. I welcomed 2018 on the rooftop with a gorgeous view on the old city of Havana in a company of some amazing people. It was a wonderful trip and a great start of the year!

1/2 of the group on the New Year’s Eve


It seems like I have not been doing anything special in January and February, as I have no pictures of any events on my phone. Probably I was unpacking my suitcase from Cuba, cleaning my apartment and doing some boring everyday stuff. In March, however, I celebrate my birthday and this year I had a pleasant surprise. It’s not unusual that when you invite your friends to a party not everyone can make it. I created a Facebook event as always and was planning to see half of the people. But this time it was different: I was getting “accepted” notifications one after another so that at some point I was like “What? One more? How can I fit them all at one table?!?” Don’t get me wrong, I am not complaining. I am very happy they all came! 🙂 It was just a very nice surprise and I did not expect it. I bought some birthday party decorations for kids and made everyone wear a paper cone hat (poor guests). Me myself I was wearing a crown :)) It might seem a bit weird at the age of 32, but who cares? I loved it! xD


In the beginning of April we went to Malta. I was not particularly charmed or impressed by this country, but for one time visit it is not a bad idea. We were waking up every day very late (and by late I mean 1-2pm!) so that even this tiny island was not properly explored by us. On the other hand, who defines “properly”? We might have not seen everything, but we enjoyed what we did and that should be enough for decent holidays, right?


May was all about the bachelorette weekend. A friend of mine got married that year and I was organizing her hen party. We decided to fly somewhere but keep the destination secret to our bride. She got to know that we were heading to Bordeaux only at the airport on the departure day. That was a hell of a trip! With a loooot of wine, delicious fresh croissants for breakfast, beautiful landscapes and tasty oysters on the sea side. We should definitely repeat!


In the beginning of June I went to the north of Germany to visit my mom’s friends in Schleswig and then my friend Anja in Hamburg. My mom’s friends are in their 80s but they are so full of life, energy and passion to enjoy every day that I always tell myself “I want to be just like them when I am old” =) They have a beautiful house facing the Baltic sea, great selection of wines and the most delicious home cooked food ever!

In Hamburg I was visiting Anja for a special occasion: we were going to Shakira’s concert! That was really really good and a lot of fun!

Getting ready for Shakira

In the end of June I attended the wedding. It was a beautiful and warm event that we enjoyed till the very end (as always we were the last ones to leave the party). But what I enjoyed even more was our performance for the newly weds. Couple of days before the ceremony we decided that we should do something creative and ended up composing some new lyrics for a popular Ukranian song. We practiced twice (in a beer garden and on a playground), and then went on presenting our masterpiece in front of all the guests. We probably missed every single note and our “singing”
was a desaster, but we made up for it with our enthusiasm and good vibes!


In August I had a dear friend of mine visiting me. I tried to show her the beauty of Bavaria with its lakes and mountains. We went to Tegernsee and another day we went for a hike.

Tegernsee was amazing! We swam in the lake surrounded by mountains and had a blissful evening.

The hike on the other side turned out to be a big challenge. First, we almost turned back after an hour of walking because the starting point for the hike was too far away from the train station. But then we got lucky and caught a bus. Second, what I was told would be an “easy” hike was by no means easy for us (we were dying there!) Third, we almost missed the train and had to run like crazy… It was an insane day, but brought us a lot of memories =)


It was the month of my long awaited summer vacations. Finally time to enjoy the sea!!! This year we went to Mallorca. We travelled with Pasha around the island for one week and then I met my girls for 3 days to enjoy the true beach holidays: doing nothing but swimming and lying on sunbeds.

Mallorca really impressed me and turned out to be a gorgeous place! Serpentine roads made me a bit sick, but the scenery was worth it.

Our three days with the girls were so so so good! What I loved the most were our evening moments when we went to the sea just to watch the sunset, do some yoga and talk talk talk… priceless!

Drinking wine on the balcony and taking selfies


The month when my very old and big dream came true: I went to see Buenos Aires! I volunteered for two weeks at Youth Olympic games and then traveled the north of Argentina with Pasha for two weeks more. Four weeks in total in Argentina were full of adventures and I will definitely share more about this time with you later. For now I can just say that the north of Argentina totally blew my mind away…

Youth Olympic Games in Buenos Aires
Los Cardones, Salta, Argentina


In November we got free tickets to a concert of one famous Belarusian group Lyapis 96. I was never a fan, but the live performance was extremely good! We were standing in the front row and had a lot of fun dancing, jumping and singing (when I knew the lyrics :). I am definitely in for more concerts!

2018 was a good year for me. It had its sad and difficult days as well (quite a few of them actually), but for now I’d like to talk about positive moments. I hope I can start a tradition for myself writing such post at the end of every year.

Thank you, life, for having me in 2018 🙂

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