Bachelorette weekend in Bordeaux, Saint-Émilion and Arcachon

Last year in May I have organised a weekend trip to France to celebrate bachelorette party of my friend Kate. I checked the available tickets from Munich, talked to the bride’s friends and we decided to go to Bordeaux! We had three full days to explore the region and I came up with the following plan: 1st day in Bordeaux, on the 2nd day a trip to Saint-Émilion (47 km) and on the 3rd day a trip to Arcachon (65 km).

Day 1 – Bordeaux

Early morning on Friday we had our flight Munich -> Bordeaux. To make it a proper bachelorette party I have bought us all special pink pins saying “Team Braut” (“Team Bride” in English) and made everyone wear them! Haha! As you can see, this is not the most typical bachelorette company (with guys included), but that’s what happens if you study computer science 😉

We spent the frist day walking around the old town of Bordeaux, drinking a lot of coffee to recover from the early flight and eating a lot of sweets.

Bordeaux old city
Bordeaux old city

In the evening we cooked dinner at our superb rental apartment L’annexe Bordeaux Traditions (I highly recommend it for a group of 4-7 people, it was truly great). Later on in the night we went out to a very stylish bar close by called Point Rouge and got some delicious cocktails there! The place was very chic and we loved it!

Day 2 – Saint-Émilion

The next day we went to Saint-Émilion to have a bike tour around the wineries and then to visit one of them for wine tasting. I have booked the bicycles a month in advance on the web page of tourist office of Saint-Émilion. We were supposed to take a train from Bordeaux to Saint-Émilion, but when we came to the train station we found out that the trains were on strike! Oh those French people…. always striking! They have organised taxis instead, but it took us very long and we have arrived at our destination 1,5 hours later than planned. Anyway, we were finally there and ready to enjoy idyllic contryside. Have a look for yourself:

Saint-Emilion wineries
Saint-Emilion wineries
Saint-Emilion wineries bike riding
Saint-Emilion wineries bike riding

After couple of hours riding the bikes, we were finally ready for wine tasting.

Saint-Emilion wineries
Saint-Emilion wineries
Saint-Emilion wineries

On the way back to the village we had to go uphill and it was tough!

Saint-Emilion wineries

We were very very tired and had almost no power (and no time unfortunately) to properly explore the old town of Saint-Émilion. We have done just a bit, walked around and bought some wine. It is definitely worth spending more time there, maybe one day I will come back 🙂

Saint Emilion

Day 3 – Arcachon

On the next day we had again some troubles with the trains (they were still striking and the schedule was changed), but nevertheless we managed to get to Arcachon. Initially we wanted to see the famous dunes, but as we missed the bus and the private ride was too expensive for us, we decided just to walk around by the sea and to enjoy a relaxed day.

For lunch one of our friends has selected the restaurant LA CABANE DE L’AIGUILLON a bit outside of the city so that we had to walk a lot, but it turned out to be a very cool place! We had a delicious lunch and I have tried oysters and snails for the first time in my life. I loved them!

Arcachon oysters

I enjoyed our trip a lot! Though the best part is not even shown in this post – these were the evenings at our apartment with a lot of delicious wine and in a fantastic company! 😉

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