Cienfuegos, Cuba

We stayed in Cienfuegos for one night only and it was absolutely enough to have a look at the city: to walk along Paseo el Prado turning into malecon, to visit the famous Palacio de Valle and to hang out around the main square which for some reason they consider to be a park and call it Parque Jose Martí.

Paseo el Prado is full of cute colorful houses

At the end of it you will reach the “malecon” (pier)

And a bit further you will find the beautiful Palacio de Valle. It was built at the beginning of the 20th century in the Moorish architectural style. So it looks very similar to the architecture in Andalusia or Morocco. Today it’s an upscale hotel and a restaurant. We came here for some cocktails on the terrace to enjoy the sunset. And it was absolutely wonderful!

The next morning we went to the Parque Jose Martí

And afterwards we walked around the city trying to arrange us a taxi to Viñales. This turned out to be almost mission impossible! No one wanted to take us so far (415 km). Finally we have asked at our casa and the owner has found us a driver who was willing to take us there. The price was pretty high and more than we expected, but it was our only option. The ride was very long (around 8 hours), but Viñales was definitely worth it!

Some more pictures of colorful Cienfuegos:

I wouldn’t say that Cienfuegos is a must visit city in Cuba, but it is located on the way from Havana to Trinidad, so if you are doing it anyway, I believe it is worth a stop! 🙂

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