Istanbul, 10.08.2013

So, this is my attempt to write something about my internship in Istanbul and I am not sure how it will work out… But let’s give it a try!

It’s my first day here and the adventure has already begun. Let’s start with the fact that when I passed passport control and picked up my luggage there was no one waiting for me at the airport… Hello Istanbul 🙂 I called the guy responsible for picking me up and he told me he wasn’t expecting me till tomorrow.. (seriously?!)) Anyway, he told me that a friend of him would pick me up in one hour. Knowing the Turkish reality I relaxed and was going to wait for at least 1,5 hour, maybe 2. But surprisingly another guy arrived exactly in one hour!
This second guy came by car. And unfortunately he has lost his parking ticket – the one you get when entering the airport. Without this ticket they didn’t let us out from the airport! They needed some documents for the car, which were not there cause the car didn’t belong to the guy number 2 =)

The guy number 2 called his friend (a guy number 3) to rescue us from the airport and to bring me to the dorms. He came in 30 minutes and we finally left the airport! The most amazing thing was that neither of these guys *number 2 and 3* were members of my hosting organization IAESTE. And they had no clue to which dormitory to take me and how to arrange me a place there… After calling different people and asking everyone on the campus we reached the magic building for foreign interns. But here we found out that my name was not on the list! I.e. there was no place reserved for a new intern with the U.B. initials  😦

Fortunately, the security man was so nice to let me in and to leave the clarification of missing reservation for tomorrow … So now I have a room and a bed! Yeiii!

Some problems to solve in the nearest future:
I don’t have any Turkish money and I don’t know where to exchange my euros. I don’t know where to buy food … (Smart and lucky me! I took substantial amount of food from Munich and I can survive till tomorrow .. but later on I definitely need to find a supermarket) I don’t know how to get out of this dorm and to move around the city … So I really hope that someone from IAESTE will meet me tomorrow and explain everything! 😉

But for now I would like to thank once again the guy number 2 for helping me and bringing me to the dorms! I hope you could resolve the problem with the lost parking ticket and by now you have your car back =)

Oh yes… one more thing: I love eduroam! We have it in our dorms! … and I can write you this post with a magnificent view on the Bosporus bridge and a light summer breeze …

No matter what, I am really happy to be back to Istanbul! Hoş bulduk!


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