Istanbul, 11.08.2013

I woke up today and the first thing I did was to check whether I got an answer from the LC (local committee). Nope!

I still had my 2 bananas and an apple left, so the breakfast was arranged … But I had to think about my future meals and how to satisfy my basic needs =) So I went downstairs and asked the security man where I could change my money and have something to eat afterwards. Luckily, there is a shopping mall right in front of the campus… so I headed there. They have amazing discounts of 50 to 70 %! I definitely have to come back later and check all the stores. I changed the money, came back to the dorms and went to cafeteria where I had my first Turkish lunch )))


With the view as on the first picture )

In the cafeteria I heard some guys speaking English. So I asked them if they were from IAESTE … And yes, they were! I asked about a supermarket and it turned out that one German guy was going there in 10 minutes. Great! So he showed me the way to the supermarket and told me a lot of usefull stuff … so far my best guide here in Istanbul % I bought some food and a very important thing – the toilet paper – hahaha ))) Seriously, there is no toilet paper here. Don’t know if it’s ok to write about toilet paper… but come on…. one can not survive without it )))

Would you like to see my dormitory?) Here is my room for 3 persons, but for now I am the only one there.


My private compartment *with famous bananas and apple*


View out of the window.


And this is a study place – a special room on every floor. This is THE PLACE – cause here you have eduroam wifi… love it! And you get again a great view as on the first picture (it was actually taken from this place)


So far so good. The only question I still want to be cleared is – will someone take me to my workplace tomorrow? 😉

ToDo: get a metro card for public transport!

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