Istanbul, 16.08.2013

So, you probably want to know what I do at my work? Unless you study computer science you actually don’t wanna know. But it’s too late, I am going to write it anyway =)

There is a project that my company is doing and I am going to “help” there a little bit. As I signed the non disclosure agreement and violating it would send me to Turkish prison for all my life I can’t tell you the name of it. So let’s call it project P 😉 The project is being written in python using a whole bunch of technologies I have had no idea about. By the way I am was completely unfamiliar with python as well… So my first two days I spent reading tutorials and documentation on this language. And I can say I quite like it… Rather nice and understandable! Then I read about such things as Bottle, SQLAlchemy, RabbitMQ and some other stuff of this kind. Finally I was given a link to the repository and the show has begun.

The P project has a lot (everything?) to do with servers, virtual machines, cpu usage, memory allocation and alike – that is with everything I have only very remote understanding of. I study Wirtschaftsinformatik and I don’t remember having these topics in detail. Well, I do know some basic things.. but what the hell does softirq mean? And the least of parameters like that: ‘cpuset.memory_pressure’, ‘cpuset.memory_spread_page’,’cpuset.memory_spread_slab’, ‘memory.swappiness’, ‘memory.usage_in_bytes’ … Seriously?!?

To understand the tragedy of my situation I can give you an example of my Linux knowledge – what is this sudo that is popping up everywhere?! o_O_o By now I have already googled it, so no, you don’t have to write me a comment explaining it… )) The point is – I have to learn everything. At some point of not understanding at all what was the logic of all the manipulations I even called a friend and asked for some basic explanations of the concept. That was very helpful and definitely prevented the upcoming heartattack.

In summary: it’s not easy for me. But I like it! A puzzle of these nodes and servers and containers is becoming closer to being solved … I still panic from times to times that I will not be able to do my tasks, but I hope I will. Anyway I learn a lot … that’s good 😉

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